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About HomePageForMe.com

We are a group of web developers constantly searching for new ideas and challenges. Our mission is to help Internet users gather and organize information in a personal way. HomePageForMe.com, a FREE Customized Home Page, is our first attempt to share our creation with the online community. We hope this tool can bring convenience to your daily web browsing experience. Some feature highlights are:

  • Organize Your Favorite Links Online and Access Them from Anywhere
  • Keep You Up-to-date with Personalized RSS News Channels
  • FREE Personal Web Site to Share Your Insights with the Online Community
  • Multiple Web Search and Map Search Engines in One Place

To say that, it is just a starting point. We will continue to share our new ideas and creations. Your feedback is most welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

HomePageForMe.com Team

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HomePageForMe.com - Customized Home Page, Personal Online Bookmarks,    RSS News Feed,    Browser Starup Page, Favorite Links OnLine, My Home Page, Web Portal    and more... HomePageForMe.com provids a Customized Home Page for you to organize your Personal Bookmarks and RSS News Feed, to do Web Search or Map Search and make Internet browsing easier. Your Personalized Home Page is your Personal Web Portal to all your Favorite Websites. You can set your browser startup page and enjoy a better web experience.